Welcome to the revamped Savage Cabbage website, this update has been planned to coincide with the Early Access release of Drowning Dungeons for the GearVR platform.  The Drowning dungeons has been an on again off again project over the past couple of years as we spent learning the ropes with regards to Virtual Reality development and some of the best practices that have been derived from those who got to market first.  While we were an early adopter of VR with the Oculus DK1 back in 2013, life had other plans for the team and we moved on to other areas of our lives.   It wasn't until Oculus approached us to ask about porting our VRJam game Drowning Dungeons to the GearVR that we looked once more at VR.  Since then we've developed and re-developed multiple levels for the game learning many painful lessons along the way, and now we believe we are on the path to creating a game which will be enjoyable and allow YOU to tell stories of your adventures in one of the most dangerous dungeons in Draemaria.

We have a lot of work to do in the following months, to ensure that Drowning dungeons reaches full release, more levels, more puzzles and more fear inducing locations and situations.  I personally can't wait to see what happens.  And I hope that you will share your stories with us in the comments or on Twitter.